Pork Selection Guidelines

Fresh pork is pink but the shade may vary depending on the cut and age of the animal. For example, the loin is lighter coloured than the shoulder.

Pork Cuts

There are many many cuts of Pork, but we are going to focus on the cuts most commonly found in the Grocery Stores. The cuts will come from the five main cuts of the Pig called the Primal Cuts. These are the Loin (Back area), Side (Belly area), Leg (Rear), Blade Shoulder (Top Portion Front), Arm Shoulder (Bottom Portion Front). Sometimes sources call the later two a Shoulder and consider there to be only 4 Primal Cuts.

So Below I'll sort the most common cuts by there Primal Sections

Loin Cuts

  • Pork Chops - I think most people are familiar with the pork chop. My favorite little breaded “Pork Chops & AppleSauce”

  • Tenderloin - Little more pricey than other cuts can be in steak or roast form

  • Loin Roast - The most popular cut used as steaks, chops, cubes, strips, or a nice pork roast

  • Ribs - Not spareribs those are from the Belly Primal Cut. These are those great big ones.

Belly Cuts

  • Spare Ribs - I think most people are familiar with spare ribs. A favorite for the Bar-B-Que.

  • Bacon - Thick sliced, Thin sliced, and sometimes do it yourself.

Leg Cuts

  • Ham - I Christmas favorite, often found pre-cooked and vacuum sealed.

  • Ham Hocks - Stew Material

Blade Shoulder Cuts

  • Scotch Fillet/Rib-Eye - A bit tougher and fattier compared to the Loin Cuts

  • Foreloin - Tough roast good when slow-cooked

Arm Shoulder Cuts

  • Picnic Shoulder - Similar to Blade used in stews, soup

  • minced, diced - Usefull in sausages and also for stews. Local Favorite the Philippino “Lumpia”, probably made from a minced pork from this area?



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