Hawaii Grocery Pricing Information

Yes, HIGH Grocery Prices in Hawaii “HI.”

Besides the controversial issues of “Excessive Anti-Biotic Use” & “Genetically Altered Foods” Here in Hawaii we also contend with high food prices. In some cases extremely high prices.

Due to the costs of importing our Food and the extra costs involved when those foods need refrigeration or other special handling. The items with the highest pricing can usually be predicted.

Unfortunatly “Locally Grown” does not necessarily mean the products will be cheaper, but does usually mean less anti-biotics and possibly non-genetically altered seeds etc..

Big Island Specific

Many of these same items can be even more expensive here on the Big Island depending on whether they go to Honolulu first. Even if they come straight to the Big Island they usually arrive in Hilo, then are trucked to West Hawaii.

The Majority of Hawaii's Locally Grown products are based here on the Big Island

Save Money on your dairy purchases!
Try alternatives for milk, soy is a bit sweeter great for cereal and allows you to use less or no added sugar

Almond Milk is not as sweet as Soy and if your used to drinking 1% or 2% it tastes very similar.

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