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Ordering Questions

Question: Do I have to be online to order?

Answer: No! Phone Us (ph#808.238.1749) or Email Us. We would be happy to Help You over the Phone. We have another method to order, we call the “25% Method” This page details the method: “25% Method”

Grocery Selection Questions

Question: Where do you do your shopping

Answer: We do our Shopping in Kailua-Kona, so we may bring you the bargains that are available from stores such as, Costco, Safeway, Walmart, and quality produce from the the various Farmer's Markets.

Question: How can I be sure the person shopping is selecting “Quality” Meat, Bread, and Produce?

Answer: We do everything we can to educate “Going4Groceries.com's Shoppers” in selecting the finest Meats, Freshest Produce, and Ripest Fruits. Checkout Going4Groceries.com's “Selection Guides”

Question: How do you keep my frozen foods frozen?

Answer: We use dry ice in an extra large Custom Ice Box to ensure and another we use for Refrigerated. We make dry ice every morning and use it to keep your groceries frozen
Dry Ice is a great solution that helps reduce costs, but is much more efficient than using regular ice!

Question: How do you ensure your produce selections are fresh?

Answer: We've created selection guides for our “Professional Shoppers” to ensure quality grocery selection. Checkout Going4Groceries.com's “Selection Guides” There you will find our produce selection guide page along with our other selection guidelines.

Purchasing Questions

Question: Do you only accept credit cards?

Answer: We don't accept checks, but we do take cash once you've obtained frequent shopper status. Follow this link to find out more about Our Frequent Shopper Discounts

Question: What if I purchased something I didn't mean to, and I didn't notice it until after the driver left?

Answer: If its a non-perishable, no problem, we can arrange to schedule a pick-up and refund your money or provide a store credit. If its a perishable fruit and/or vegetable you can be credited on your account only! Meat, Poultry, and Fish must be checked at delivery and cannot be refunded if it was selected by you and is fresh and/or unspoiled. We aim to please and want all of our customers satisfied.

Discount and Coupon Questions

Question: What is the “Senior & Disabled” discount?

Answer: The “Senior & Disabled” discount is automatically deducted from any groceries purchased after you have been confirmed as a senior citizen (Our age requirement is 65 years of age.) or deemed disabled. These discounts must be verified through a valid form of Identification. If this is your first grocery purchase with us you will be given a credit for your next purchase of groceries, and the discount will continue from that point. Unfortunately this discount does not apply to the delivery fee.

Question: What is the “Frequent Shopper” discount?

Answer: The “Frequent Shopper” discount is a discount we provide to our grocery shoppers that previously spent a minimum amount in a 45 day period. This amount is automatically deducted from any groceries purchased once you've spent over $250 (including delivery) in the previous 45 days. Unfortunately this discount does not apply to the delivery fee.

Question: What if I am only Temporarily Disabled?

Answer: The discount is still valid! Those who are temporarily disabled can still obtain documentation that validates your disability through the state. If you aren't currently registered with the State as disabled, but you have a valid disability that hinders your ability to shop easily we are happy to provide discounts to those individuals through other forms of verification. So if you have recently undergone a surgery or other debilitating injury please mention this to your driver. He/She will be happy to listen to your story and consider applying the discount for a period of time.

Question: Do you have “Kama'aina Rates”?

Answer: We do, but we don't want to alienate our “Island Guests” and so we don't publish those discounts. This discount cannot be given on previous grocery purchases and is only provided when asked about! You must be able to provide a current Hawaii State Driver's License or ID!

Question: Do you accept coupons?

Answer: We currently do not accept coupons, the extra processing and time for the volume of shopping we do makes utilizing coupons cost prohibitive.

Getting Started Questions

Question: How do I get started?

Answer: You can start by adding your groceries or by registering with your billing address! (delivery address is entered during checkout)

Question: What if I need help placing my order?

Answer: We'll be glad to help! Call Us ph.#808.238.1749 anytime between 8am to 10pm HST. Or Email Us. You can even chat with us while you are doing your shopping by using the link to our Customer Service Representative located on our homepage in the top-right corner of your browser window.

Delivery Days & Times

Question: What days and times do you deliver?

Answer: Our delivery days and times are can be found on our Delivery Information Page for our current prices and delivery areas.

Delivery Areas

Question: Where do you deliver?

Answer: Our delivery area is constantly expanding and our delivery rates are frequently decreasing. For a list of resorts and condominiums check our Delivery Information Page for your resort name. Also, check our Delivery Information Page for our current prices and delivery areas.

Item Availability

Question: What if I can't find a product, that I'm sure is available in Kona?

Answer: We are sure we don't have every product available listed on our site and we invite you to contact us to pick up something that is not on our site.

Question: Do you make substitutions?

Answer: Since we rely on the inventories of our suppliers, certain items are occasionally unavailable. In this event, we do attempt to substitute unavailable items for a similar product. We never substitute for an item of lesser value (you'll get a larger size or a more expensive brand) and you always have the right to refuse substitutions, no questions asked.



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