A Little About Our Company

Aloha, My wife and I started this business August 1st 2011. To see our Delivery Schedule and Rates you can go to our Delivery Information Page. We began this business venture while watching our aging parents struggle through the long aisles and long lines of the big box stores, along with the increasing problems they have with driving longer distances. After some research, we found another company delivering groceries here in Waikoloa, but they had very high grocery prices and delivery fees that seemed to make it unaffordable. Believing we could do much better and the venture began.

With my prior experience as an E-Commerce Developer and as a Professional Driver, and My Wife's training and experience in Quality Assurance, Customer Service, and Cooking we felt we could begin a Grocery Delivery Service and keep the markups and fees low! Adding the Highly Beneficial Senior, Disabled, and Frequent Shopper discounts, we feel we benefit those who need it most in our community! And if we gain the extra bonus of providing a valuable service to Visitors of the Island of Hawaii, All the Better!!

Details about our discounts can be found on our Discounts Page

We are always happy to hear from our customers or even from Guests that might have questions. You can contact us at our Contact Page

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