25% shopping method    “For orders over $200!”

Charges and Fees Information

Charges and Fees Information: Yes, we have been offering a method where you can forward their list to us and we charge 25% of the actual grocery receipts “Shoppers Fee”, and a $35 dollar “Delivery Fee” depending upon date and time availability. The “25% method” has no discounts unlike the purchase online, because the “25% method” is so near cost of business. This method also enjoys the benefit of our frequent shopper discounts!

Payment Information

Credit Card information needs to be received in advance and we will put a hold upon the card for an estimated amount previously agreed upon based upon the size of the shopping list but usually a little less than the amount. This is just a hold and not charged until the delivery has been performed because the actual amount of charges is based upon the actual shopping receipts and some of those may not be done until shortly before the delivery (perishables and frozen items).

Scheduling Information

We are normally closed on Sundays so we have been charging $50 “Delivery Fee”, if we are able to deliver that particular Sunday. It is preferred to have the order to us 2 weeks in advance, if possible. Popular Holidays and special events can fill up our schedule as much as a month in advance. On busy holidays that get booked up, we may be able to fit guests into the schedule depending upon the size of the order

Shopping List Information

Brand/Product Name; Quantity; Size(small,large,??oz/?? fl oz/??lbs/box,loaf,can,jar etc....); Substitutable yes/no These are just suggestions, but it is highly recommended to inform us if they don’t want us to substitute and/or give us the size of the party so we may make judgments as to size if not given. We will substitute as a normal course of business for things like brand, size, qty, size, etc... unless we are informed not to substitute or the item is so unusual that a logical substitution can not be determined or an item substitution is limited by store supply. As a normal course of business we shop at the Safeway in Kailua Kona unless otherwise requested. We will make a second stop if requested/necessary to another store, but more than 2 stores and we will need to charge a $20 extended shopping fee.

Information needed to reserve a delivery date/time:

  • The Shopping List (As detailed as the guest requires)
  • Credit Card Information (Billing Address)
  • Delivery Address
  • Arrival Time\Delivery Time
  • Property Management Contact\Property Access Information

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